Workshops and Conferences

Workshops and Conferences in the frame of COST Action FP1006:

“Advances in modified and functional bio-based surfaces”

Final COST meeting of COST Action FP1006 at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki, Greece
7-9 April 2015


COST FP1006 Focused WG Meeting on the Round Robin Test
1-2 December 2014
National Research Council, Trees and Timber Institute (CNR-IVALSA)
San Michele all' Adige, Italy


PTF BPI 2014
3rd International Conference on Processing Technologies for the Forest and Bio-based Products Industries

24-26 September 2014 | Kuchl/Salzburg, Austria


"Nir and Wood, sounds good"
NIR Workshop
15 April 2014 | San Michele all' Adige, Italy

The Seventh European Conference on Wood Modification ECWM7
10-12 March 2014 | Lisbon, Portugal

"Characterization of modified wood in relation to wood bonding and coating performance"

"Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Wood Behaviour and Processing" meets "Bringing new functions to wood through surface modification"

Joint focus workshop of COST Action FP1006 & FP0904
16-18 October 2013 | Rogla, Slovenia


SMMIB 2013 - 18th International Conference on Surface Modification of Materials by Ion Beams with Joint COST FP1006 Parallel Session "Surface Modification of Wood-based and Lignocellulosic Materials by Irradiation"
15-20 Sepember 2013 | Izmir, Turkey


3rd Workshop: Process and Service life modelling
17-19 April 2013 | Ghent, Belgium

The Sixth European Conference on Wood modification ECWM6
16-18 September 2012 | Ljubljana, Slovenia
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-> further information about ECWM6 on our COST Website


1st Workshop "Basics for Chemistry of Wood Surface Modification"
25-27 April 2012 | Kuchl/Salzburg, Austria