Conference Grants for Early Stage Researcher

Call for applications for conference Grants for Early Stage Researcher

DC FPS invites applications by 1 March 2013 for Conference Grants for Early Stage Researchers for events that will take place after 1 April 2013. One grant is available for events that will take place between 1 April and 1 June 2013, it is also possible to make an application for an event that will take place after 1 June 2013.

CGESRs can only be applied for by Early Stage Researchers (maximum PhD + 8 years) who will present at the conference (ie not for conference attendance alone).

Further details regarding the CGESR instrument can be found under Section 11 (page 64) of the COST Vademecum PAYG version

The application process requires:

1.       The applicant sends to the Action Chair an email with the following attachments:
•         Personal data and short scientific CV of applicant,
•         Short description of involvement in the respective COST Action (300 words),
•         Relevant data on Conference to which the applicant wants to participate,
•         Copy of Abstract submitted to the Conference,
•         Proof of acceptance of Abstract by the Conference;

2.       The Action Chair forwards this email to fps(at) along with a statement of support (note the email must be sent to the fps(at) email address and not to me directly).

3.       The applications are assessed by the Core Group of the FPS Domain Committee

4.       The COST Office informs applicants of the outcome of the DC’s assessment process and negotiates the Grant Letter and Payment Request Form with the successful applicant.

The assessment framework used by DC FPS is as follows:

Criterion - Points allocated 1 2 3
Earliness of ESR PhD + 6-8yrs PhD + 3-6 yrs PhD stu/PhD + 1-3 yrs
Distance to be travelled Europe Asia/Africa/N America S America/ Oceania
Coherence with goals of Action Moderate Strong Extreme
Previous international experience Significant Moderate None/minimal
“Balance”- ie number of similar (eg Forestry/Wood/Paper) grants made already this budget year Grant already made in same area (eg F/WP) this BY No grant in same area (eg F/W/P this BY) No grants in same area (eg F/W/P) this or last BY

The next deadline is anticipated to be 1 October 2013 for events taking place after 1 January 2014.

Further information & contact:
Melae Langbein
Science Officer FPS
COST Office | Avenue Louise 1491050 Brussels | Belgium
Tel: +32 (0) 2 533 38 24| Fax: +32 (0) 2 533 38 90
fps(at) |