NIR Workshop

Nir and Wood, sounds good!

Data: 15 April 2014
Place: Trees and Timber Institute (CNR-IVALSA), Via Biasi 75, 38010 San Michele all' Adige, Italy

Recent developments in the fields of optics and electronics opened nowadays new possibilities for measurements of various physical and chemical properties of materials. Techniques previously limited to few specialized applications are currently available and in combination with appropriate data managing procedures, offers an effective analytical tool.

Fourier Transform Near Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-NIR) is relatively young technique, but even that it is more and more utilized in various fields. The most important applications include chemical industry, food and beverages, pharmaceutical analysis, microanalysis, polymers, surface science, petrochemistry, textile industry, art conservation, forensics, process control quality and also wood and paper industry.

The 15th of April will take place a workshop dedicated to the application of NIR spectroscopy for wood science and technology in order to present this method as a promising alternative to several traditional analytical techniques.

Researchers will present their experiences in various application fields, such as: wood science, tree breading, biomass/bio-energy, timber construction, cultural heritage, wood service life and industrial applications. Advantages and limits will be discusses. The workshop will be platform for ideas exchange, promotion and joint projects between NIR experts and researchers and practitioners in the field of wood.

First call for contribution
Deadline: 15 February 2014
Please, send your abstract to Jakub Sandak

Keynote speech:
Dr Roger Meder (CSIRO, Australia)
Prof Satoru Tsuchikawa (Nagoya University, Japan)

Contact, website & downloads:
Jakub Sandak
Book of Abstracts