1st Workshop "Basics for Chemistry of Wood Surface Modification"

25-27 April 2012 | Kuchl/Salzburg, Austria

On behalf of the local organising committee and of the scientific committee of the COST Action FP1006 we want to make you aware of our upcoming Kick-Off Workshop “Basics for Chemistry of Wood Surface Modification” of the next COST meeting from 25-27 April 2012, Salzburg/Kuchl, Austria. This meeting, organized as an international workshop, will bring together experts from academia and industry but also young scientists from all around Europe and non European countries in the field of Surface Modification and Functionalization.

Workshop objectives

The objectives of this workshop are to present and discuss the state of art and new findings of wood surface modification and functionalization processing and the challenges faced in wood characterisation and material interface interaction analysis as well as the estimation of the service life time. This COST Action will open the discussion of latest research results and new ideas.
The advantage of combining renewable resources such as “wood” with a processing technique with low environmental impact to achieve a new high quality material is highly desirable. In case of the surface modification the properties of polymers are maintained and lower amounts of chemicals are needed for the functionalization process. However, there are many challenges associated with the surface modification process for improved, new or innovative wood surface properties, which require an interdisciplinary approach to be resolved. This means that a close collaboration between the wood mechanics and wood chemistry communities from both academia and industry is needed. The workshop will bring together experts and young scientists from worldwide academia and industry. It will encourage dissemination of the latest research works, exchanging and developing new ideas, and building collaborations between laboratories and research activities.

Workshop topics

The workshop will deal with various topics of wood surface modification and functionalization, material interface interactions and process and service life modelling as well as simulation techniques.

Specific topics of interest are (but not limited to):

Wood surface modification and functionalization
•    Chemical changes of wood components during surface modification process
•    Wood preservative impregnations
•    Wood surface modification and functionalization mechanisms
•    Relation between modification and the conferred properties
      (durability, wettability, colour, etc.)
•    Problems and challenges
•    Accelerated wood ageing
•    Quality assessment methods

Wood interface modification and interface interactions
•    Modelling the behaviour of wood during THM treatment
•    Wood characterisation during surface modification
•    Problems and challenges
•    Adhesion improvement by different treatments
      (e.g. enzymatic pre-treatment)
•    Wood interface modification
•    Wood bonding
•    Interaction between wood and surface coating material
•    Welding of wood

Process and Service life modeling
•    Prediction of dosage-response-functions
•    Experimental validation of the models
•    Numerical simulation of material changes during ageing
      (i.e. virtual processing)
•    Quality assessment methods
•    Virtual processing
      (Numerical simulation of processing, prediction of the new properties)
•    Estimation of the long term performance or service life time
•    Problems and challenges


Following the aim of COST to disseminate the results of the respective COST Actions to the general public, the following scientists have given their agreement to present their presentation.  The presentations are presented according to the programme of the workshop with the name of the presenters.

Overview of COST Action FP1006

05 Holger MILITZ
08 Emilia SALCA

Session I

09 Holger MILITZ

11 Gheorghe DINESCU
15 Martin ARNOLD
16 Simona MAGGINI
17 Carsten MAI
18 Marco PETRIC

Session II

20 Callum HILL

23 Jörn RATHKE
25 Benedetto PIZZO
31 Dennis JONES

32 Philip EVANS

33 Marius Catalin BARBU
34 Pavlo BEKHTA

Session III

36 Marie-France THEVENON

37 Lone Ross GOBAKKEN
39 Jakub SANDAK
40 Dennis JONES
41 Carmen-Mihaela POPESCU
42 Emilia-Adela SALCA
43 Carmen-Mihaela POPESCU