STSM Reports

Visualization of resin distribution in plasma treated particleboards and its effect on mechanical properties
Daniela Altgen

Enhancing the bondability of wood veneers through suface activation treatment
Pavlo Bekhta

Veneer surface densification using heated plates
Pavlo Bekhta

Effect of Thermo-Mechanical Treatment on the Gloss of Various Wood Species
Pavlo Bekhta

Using STA for chemical analysis of bio-friendly wood preservatives and coatings
Magdalena Broda

Influence of Zinc based plasma treatment at atmospheric pressure against UV
Ahmet Can

Quality control of thermally modified timber (TMT) with different inline
measurement techniques

Eduard Correal Mòdol

Wood anatomy analysis related with the surface properties of wood species
Eduard Correal Mòdol

Emission profile of thermal treatment Sitka spruce chips and fibres by HS SPME/GC MS technique
Nuno Costa

Influence of wood species and sanding machining on plasma treatment effectiveness refers to wood surface wettability
Pawel Czarniak

Influence of tool wear on morphological characteristics of the machined surfaces
Gorazd Fajdiga

Influence of tool wear on morphological characteristics of the machined surfaces - Part 2
Gorazd Fajdiga

Evaluation of fungal effectiveness of wood treated through a polyphenol enzymatic grafting
Carmen Fernández Costas

Finishing process of thermally modified wood and resistance of coatings
René Alexander Herrera Diaz

Physical, Mechanical and Chemical Investigation of Advanced Tannin-Boron Formulations
Jinbo Hu

Biological durability of thermally and chemically modified wood – Chemical analysis
Vasiliki Kamperidou

Wood particle characterization in Wood-Polymer-Composites (WPC) processing
Kim Krause

Preliminary investigations of preparations of liquefied-wood/nanoparticles wood coatings
Anuj Kumar

Adhesion characteristics of modified wood
Bernd Lütkemeier

Evaluation of mechanical and barrier porperties of wood coating for outdoor uses
Lise Malassenet

Modification of nano cellulose and characterization of its composites
Miroslav Nikolic

Stabilization of IPBC in wood preservatives through the organosilicon compounds – chemical analysis
Waldemar Perdoch

Wood chemical modification and the correlation of the acetyl content to D2O exchange
Carmen-Mihaela Popescu

Morphological and structural evaluation of the treated / coated wood samples
Maria-Cristina Popescu

FT-NIR spectral analysis of the surface of samples obtained from wooden parquets of 19th century manor houses located in South-Eastern Poland for determination the manner and the soaked substances
Anna Rozanska

Verification of Resistance to Scratches Tests with 3D Methods
Anna Rozanska

Internal vapour pressure of plywood during hot pressing process
Jussi Ruponen

Roughness, fungal penetration and FT-NIR observations on wood surfaces
Emilia-Adela Salca

Wood preservation properties of tannin-boron formulations against insects
Gianluca Tondi

Plasma modification of wood-siloxane composites
Daniel Van Opdenbosch

Investigation of Clear Wood Coatings Containing Inorganic Nanosized Particles Resistance to UV and Microfungi
Justina Vitosyte