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The COST Action FP1006 „Bringing new functions to wood through surface modification“ has officially started its activities with the kick-off meeting on 13th of April 2011 in Brussels. After four years of Action and great achievements thanks to the close collaboration of the participants involved,  the management committee of COST Action FP1006 has decided to finalize the Action with a dedicated conference on “Advances in modified and functional bio-based surfaces” which was held at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, 7-9 April 2015.

The main objective of this Action was to provide the scientific-based framework and knowledge for enhanced surface modification of wood and wood products towards higher functionalization and towards fulfilment of higher technical, economic and environmental standards. Such improvement is essential for a wider and more innovative usage of wood and wood based products, also in the scope of tackling the climate changes, by lowering of usage of non-wood materials.

Information on the Action is also available at the official COST webpage.


Innovative wooden bicycles

A very successful ex-student of University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Wood Science & Technology, Slovenia, Janez Tratar, is starting with the project of production of wooden bicycles. He is trying to get a support also on the Kickstarter platform. Your support would be also greatly acknowledged.

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COST FP1006 at MoDeSt 2014

COST FP1006 was promoted and presented at the 8th International Conference on Modification, Degradation and Stabilization of Polymers (MoDeSt 2014) in Portoroz, Slovenia from 31st August - 4th September 2014.

The MoDeSt conference focused on the dissemination of scientific information within the international community of experts in modification, degradation and stabilization processes in polymers. Professor Phil Evans, University of British Columbia (Canada), gave a keynote talk on ‘Wood photostabilization and protection: divergent pathways and future’ and chaired a dedicated session on ‘Degradation and protection of wood products’. Several members of COST FP1006 and FP1303 gave presentations in this session:

•    Holger Militz, University of Göttingen, Germany. Reactive resins for wood modifications
•    Andreja Kutnar, University of Primorska, Slovenia. End of life scenarios and Environmental impacts of wood products
•    Marko Petric, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Wood coatings made of liquefied wood and some other lignocellulosic materials
•    Lone Ross Gobakken, Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute, Norway. Deterioration of wood by mould and blue stain fungi

Lone Ross Gobakken, Vice-Chair of COST Action FP1006, also gave a talk to present COST and COST Action FP1006. COST Action FP1006 and FP1303 were also presented at the poster sessions.

More information on the conference:


Promotion of COST and COST Action FP1006 in Korea

Carmen-Mihaela Propesu, researcher at the "Petru Poni" Institute of
Macromolecular Chemistry of the Romanian Academy and MC substitute member
of COST Action FP1006 for Romania was invited to attend the 7th
International Symposium on Two-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy
(2DCOS-7), which was held from 21 - 24 August 2013 in Seoul, Korea.

The topics of the Conference were of interest for WG2 of COST Action
FP1006. Carmen Popescu attended the Conference in the frame of a COST
dissemination meeting: "attendance to other conferences" and promoted COST
and COST Action FP1006 in Korea.

At this conference she gave an oral (invited) talk and a poster presentation. Also she contacted some key persons from the Seoul National University and discussed with them.
-> 2DCOS-7


What is COST?

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